A film project that celebrates passionate individuals and the beauty of possibility.

Episodes from our film series are now showing on Al Jazeera America as segments at the end of the show "America Tonight" 9pm EST and 6pm PST

OTH GANG - Adventure knowns no age limit as a group of older gentlemen ritualistically trek across Montona’s backcountry. 

ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS - A Portland couple explore the cultural importance found in roadside attraction artifacts.

BIGFOOT - A California couple find togetherness as they seek to prove the existence of the mythical Bigfoot.

THE OLDEST MAN - The world’s oldest man shares his view on life, living and the meaningfulness wrapped up in everyday existence.

THE HAUNTED HOTEL - A woman spends her golden years as the caretaker of her happiest place; a haunted hotel.

The Inside The Whale True Originals Trailer